Some general questions for use of DroneDeploy

Hi all,

Today was the first time I used DroneDeploy.

I have some questions now:

  1. Is it correct that the mision is stored on the drone (incl. the
    position of home point), so that if the DroneDeploy crashes, the
    drone flies and captures all pictures (finish the mission) and in
    the end the drone flies back to home?

  2. Uses the software the time interval function for capturing and
    calculates the airspeed?

  3. Required DroneDeploy (or ipad) permanently internet connection and
    what is data volume that is exchanged or needed?

  4. Can you turn the flight direction (east-west to north-south) of the
    orthophoto grid?

Hope someone can help me with this.

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  1. the mission is stored on the drone, but in order to successfully capture images we need to have a connection at the first waypoint to start the camera triggering.
  2. We do auto adjust the speed based on your overlap settings.
  3. We do not require an internet connection. If you need base tiles in order to plan your flight, you can plan on a desktop computer ahead of time.
  4. You will be able to rotate your plan very soon.
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Thank you for your replay! One question: When I plan the missions on my desktop computer I can not select phantom 4. Could you help me please?

hi @vevi - that will be changed soon, sorry for the confusion. Choose the Inspire/P3 option on desktop, and it will update to the right profile when connected to your drone. Please note that any advanced settings (overlap, altitude) will not be retained when your drone is connected in the field. You will need to change them using the cog to the right of the drone’s name.