Some basic app functionality for a new user

Two basic questions that I have had problems finding answers to:

  1. How does one navigate from the app and the “dashboard” back to the DroneDeploy website (like this forum etc) when working on planning a mission on my desktop, or are they two completely different entities? If I am logged into one and I logged into both etc?

  2. Once I have planned a mission on my desktop (Mac) ho do I transfer this mission to my iPad?

Looking forward toggling underway…

Hi @Thunderflurry- your and DroneDeploy app are tied together by your account email. If you are working within one, you should see this reflected in another. The main difference in functionality is that you cannot fly from , and you cannot upload from the DroneDeploy app.

If you want to transfer your mission from your account to the app, please see here.

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: