[Solved] No maps on PC APP

No map in PC APP

17 March 2018

Mavic Pro

Ipad Mini IOS11

I have been trying to create a new job today but I am not getting any map appearing on screen.

I have tried all the usual, cleared browser data, restarted browser, tried a different browser but still nothing.

I have full map showing on my mobile device (ipad) but nothing on my PC (tried 3 different machines).

Any ideas what the problem is here?


Same issue here. No base maps on my iMac in any browser. Planned mission on iPad. “Adapt and Overcome!”

Sorry about this.
We’re having a problem with the background maps presently on the desktop.
They work on the app but not on the desktop.
We’re working on fixing it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can use Google Earth to plan and import a kml file into our desktop program.

Just an update - this was resolved this morning.