Snags in my first beta flights

Tried IOS beta for first time with Inspire Pro and X3 ndvi.It was good to see the system work, albeit with a few errors.
Using the X5, after bringing it back home mid mission to change batteries, the battery read out froze at 87 percent. However, it picked up where it left off, and finished the mission. At no point with X5 did I get the camera view inset on the Ipad. The first I knew that it existed was with the NDVI X3 camera on the Inspire.
The screen froze during the X3 flight, after a laggy start to the mission and the copter did disappeared from the grid… It did fly the lines, it would appear, but “come home” button did not work either and I had to switch to P and bring it back. The flight plan was not saved when I restarted the app, so I had to guess where i left off and do the last bit again.
On seeing the jpegs shot by the X5, the quality just doesn’t seem as good as it should be…not sure why.
When the X5 completed the mission, it continued taking pics, but even those ones , looking to the horizon, with the optimum aperture of 5.6 don’t seem as sharp as they should…not sure if it’s the compression of jpegs or what.
Good to give it a try at last though. Latest firmware in X5, X3, and Ipad.

If you do any other tests and find some camera settings for your X5 that look sharper, while still taking JPEG images, let me know.

Thanks for the other feedback!

thanks…overall orthos look great. Is there a way I can layer the x5 and the x3 ndvi to toggle between the two?
what compression does it use on X5? Is it set to highest quality?

It should be set to highest quality on the X5.

If you have a map in the same location there is a slider on the data page that lets you toggle between nearby maps.

Thanks. The slider only teems to move between each individual map and google earth or whatever you have as the base map.
What am I doing wrong?

There should be a slider for opacity and another slider that loads all nearby maps that looks like this.

That is so good…I had the wrong slider. Does that work with clients or whoever, when they sign up? Is there a way that the base map can be “relegated” from the slider? Mine seems to pass through base map on way from NDVI to Ortho.
Is the standard X5 lens the only one that works at the moment?

We currently set the focus for the standard X5 lens. We are planning to support the others soon.

Great system…thanks.

Is 3dPDF likely in the future?

We are always adding new export types. I’ll forward this request to our product team.