Smart Uploader auto AOI too tight

The auto-generated AOI’s do not jive well with the auto-generated flight lines. The flight lines allow the edges of the photos to cover my provided AOI, and the smart uploader trims all that off. I noticed this change during my last batch upload late last month. I lost a lot of data on the sides of my maps. Previously, the auto-generated AOI’s were non-problematic. Workaround right now is to manually adjust all the vertices before uploading. Could we roll back this change?

Below is current example of an AOI generated by the smart uploader. Red boxes indicate where I will lose data during processing if I do not adjust those vertices.


Yes! I agree with this suggestion. The automated boundary suggested by the auto-upload process is too tight. I have maps that are flown in a downtown urban environment, so I already have tight boundaries to fly, and manually stretching out the border to get the correct map coverage is a step I have forgotten a few times. I wish I could expand my flight area but in some locations, that isn’t safely possible.


We will roll back and increase the buffer based on altitude - thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks, James! That will help a ton. I’ll let my people know it’s coming.