Slowwwwww speed flying to mission starting point

The speed at which the drone flies to the mission start point seems to be tied to the overall mission speed. And if I’m doing a very high overlap flight, say 90/80, the flight speed sets itself to about 5 or 6mph. Some recent projects had a mission starting point some 2000 feet away from the take off point. And it literally used close to 20% of the battery just to get there and start taking pictures.

Why does it not fly to the starting point at max speed, and then only slow down when the pictures start to be taken ? It’s worth noting that it DOES work this way when the battery is close to being fully drained… because the drone will then return home at that point at max speed.

I just want it to also do that at the beginning of each new battery.


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Totally agree. I brought this up back in early 2018 when the behaviour appeared to change. @Andrew_Fraser, as I mentioned in the previous post this was a while back before you were here, but have there been any discussions that you are aware of? I do recall a mention that it was controlled by the DJI SDK, but it has worked differently over time so unless DJI changed something that caused a holistic limitation I don’t see how that could be the case.

I notice this when using iOS but on Android it travels at a cruising speed to start point and to home.

Where are you defining “cruising speed”?

Commute speed to the plan will be increased in the next release iOS 4.5


Very good news. There’s nothing like waiting 2-3 minutes for the drone to get to the start point… What about Android?

There should already be fast commuting on Android, but if not this will take effect on next Android release as well.

Good news. I think your shared this a couple of weeks ago. Please though, for the love of God, please don’t break anything in the process. If there’s anything fundamental that might get broken in the process, may I suggest you release it as a BETA, whilst maintaining the semi-stable version?

@JamesC that’s so Old School. Guerrilla coding is where it’s at. :grin::astonished: /sarcasm

Haha! I’m so used to beta testing that I just think that’s how it is… I forget that people actually want software to work all the time.

33 mph with the Inspire2. 26 mph with the magic’s. It is as you described with iOS.

Apparently my first reply was too short.

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Yes. My heart nearly sank when I saw my M210 flew at 15m/s. It will be good to have an option where we can control the commute speed to the first waypoint. Its actually quite nerve wrecking to see your drone fly at top speed autonomously.

Previously it will fly to the first waypoint at the maximum speed set by our flight plan which we are quite comfortable with.