Slope and health maps of the plant are left with uninformed areas when placed open in QGis / ArcGIS

**Summary of Issue: When I open the plant health maps and elevation in the GIS environment (QGis and ArcGIS), some of the data is left blank. What to do to correct?

**Date Issue Began: today

**Drone Model:Phantom4

**Mobile Device Model and OS version: IPAD air2 - Ios 10.3.3

Hi @Hugo_Yuri,

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing as well as the name of the maps you’re having issues with?


Hi, Christina.

Sorry for the delay to answer you.
All the maps I sent to the dronedeploy website gave me problems.
The maps of vegetation health and relief are giving problems when I open in mapping software such as QGIS and ARCGIS.
I forward one of the generated health images of the attached vegetation and the printscreams of the problem that is occurring in the QGIS. In ArcGIS the problem is the same.

Thank you for your attention and I await your response.

Hi @Hugo_Yuri,

What are the names or map ID of the maps you’re having issues with?

Keep me posted,

Since they were giving problems, I deleted them from the platform, but I can send the images again if you want.
There is one that is still on the platform dronedeploy and that also gave error. The name is: “Mapeamento Mangue”.
My ID: hugo yuri / email:

Hi @Hugo_Yuri,

By any chance, have you taken a look at Displaying GeoTIFF in QGIS to verify that you’ve followed the process correctly?