Slight rotation of drone shots with Mavic Pro - a problem?

I was having stitching issues with our Mavic Pro where it would not stitch certain areas properly. I noticed that all of the images were slightly rotated clockwise, by maybe 2-3 degrees. It was more so going in one direction, and less coming back in the opposite direction. It seems to be enough to cause some issues. Is this common? I borrowed another Mavic Pro, and it did it too, but not as much and with a greater success rate. Everything was calibrated - gimbal, IMU, compass, etc. Is this a Mavic Pro issue, or do all drones have a slight rotation in images? As I flew higher flights, it appears to take care of some of the issues from slightly rotated images. Do I have 2 drones with some issues, or is this normal?

Sounds like it was a crosswind, and the small drone had to crab into the wind.

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