Skydio2 Low Battery Setting

when mapping, the Skydio returns home when it hits 40%

Anyone know where this setting is stored and if it can be updated (to say 30%)?


I am writing down all the overview and the related things -
Battery indicator messaging displays how much battery you have available for flight, how much battery capacity is available for a return trip, and how much battery is required to land.

displays the raw battery percentage available for flight
When battery capacity has less than two minutes of flight time available for landing the indicator will change to a countdown
When battery capacity is zero the indicator will change to an alert symbol and the drone will initiate a non-cancellable landing with the ability to nudge

Green -
Green indicates how much battery capacity for nominal flight before the time limit required to safely return and land

  • decreases as battery capacity diminishes during flight
  • decreases you fly away from the return location, increasing the time to return
  • may increase as you fly toward the return location, decreasing the time to return

Yellow indicates how much battery is required to safely return

  • increases as you fly away from the return location, increasing the time to return
  • decreases as you fly toward the return location, decreasing the time to return
  • increase or decrease with the time to safely return

White tick mark
The white tick mark hits the yellow battery region when the user receives the already-implemented return user prompt when the vehicle has hit its maximum return limit to safely return.

Red is dynamic in size and indicates how much battery is required to land

  • increase as the drone ascends
  • decrease as the drone descends

I’ll have to see if I can lobby the Skydio team to add a user definable RTH based on remaining battery life. When you’re out on the water with your hands full while foiling, you’re never going to even see or hear a message, and even if you did you’d have limited ability to operate the beacon while getting tossed around in the water. You don’t just stop mid-foil and pull out your beacon, any more than you would while getting pounded in the impact zone while surfing.

I also wonder if the current SD2 RTH criteria of alerting the pilot when there is minimal battery left to make it to the “take-off” home point (most often the waterfront spot you launched from) account for wind speed and direction ?? Basically, I am doing a certain related project on the best ERP partner in Kolkata and that’s why I am very keen to learn these things. Any experienced drone pilot knows that can be a huge issue for RTH succeeding or not,…aside from OA issues. When using my Staaker follow drone I usually adjust my riding session to make sure I don’t end up significantly down wind of the home point, but that’s why having control over remaining battery % for RTH initiation, allows you to have some control over your RTH safety factor.

Over water self filming in some of these water sports is often more about RTH issues than optical avoidance issues!

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