"Skydio support is not available, please connect a different drone"

I’m trying to evaluate DroneDeploy flight planning/control for Skydio 2. The iOS app 4.2.1 recognizes the drone, and I can bring up the manual flight view and stream telemetry + video, but the pre-flight checklist always fails during Permissions with the message:


Skydio Disabled

Skydio support is not available, please connect a different drone

Video: https://streamable.com/r9h7e

Has anyone else gotten Skydio 2 support to work? Is it supposed to be working?

Thanks for any info/insight.

Hi Ethan. There’s an over-the-air update that will be released for your Skydio drone that will enable flight. Appreciate your patience and interest in flying with Skydio on DroneDeploy.

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Hi Andrew - Thanks for the quick response. I’ll wait for the Skydio update to drop.

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Any updates on this? The skydio app was just updated but I still get the same error above. The website shows the Skydio as a supported drone. @Andrew_Fraser


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