Skydio 2 won't connect to Drone deploy app

Will pass along your concerns to our team.

Skydio 2 support is enabled in the latest version of DroneDeploy from the App Store. Feel free to give it a try during your trial.


I to have had the same issues with Mr. Sinclair. He was nice enough to reset my trail period since mine had expired in the time it took for the skydio 2 to be offered officially. I left the conversation on with saying he was going to get with the team to activate my skydio 2 later that day. Well I never heard back from him sent several emails of the course of ten days to him with no response. Ended up opening another help desk ticket they saw I was working with Mr. Sinclair and steered me back to him with moderate protest on my part.

I finally get an email apologizing as he was ooo for 10days. But I should be good to go with the updated firmware. Problem my 14 day trail period is now expired… I responded back and stated my trail period had ended. I haven’t heard anything from him yet.

I have had the same issues. I have been through 2 trial periods and not once have I been able to get DD and skydio connect to fly a mission

Skydio 2 support within DroneDeploy is enabled for all users. Please make sure your Skydio 2 is running the latest firmware and you are using the latest DroneDeploy iOS version from the App Store. Android is not yet supported.

With the DD app running and connected to my Skydio2, I successfully pass the pre-flight checklist while in a hover but before the drone starts the mission, I receive the error ‘Plan upload failed: Skill “testing.main.Mapper” is not available (SkySdkError -1)’. I am using the free trial of DD app to validate before buying but can’t get it to work.

Skydio2 App: 7.0.5
Skydio2 Drone: 5.41.77
DD app version mobile: 4.19.0
iphone8+: 14.0.1


@Andrew_Fraser Where are the instructions to “connect” to skydio 2??? It’s grayed out on the app!!

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Make sure you are hard-working as wireless connectivity is not supported. Can you explain your issues?

Not following. simply trying to connect my skydio 2 to Drone Deploy

That part is understood, but is the mobile device connected via USB or wirelessly?

Device is connected wirelessly to the Skydio 2

Try connecting via USB.

my USB from the phone to what? I’m not using a controller. Just the phone app and beacon.

Then that’s the problem. You need to connect from the mobile device to the remote control via USB.

Got it! Would be helpful if we knew the requirements for this. I don’t see anywhere that states you need the controller. It’s all vague. How hard can it be to put up a simple video that shows how to use it with Skydio? Thanks


The controller doesn’t have a usb connection. Trying to connect iphone 8 to fly Skydio2 with dronedeploy.

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Stand corrected, now using USB-C cord but still having connection issues. Preflight connect button is not active.

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Apparently, Skydio 2 is supported in IOS only at this time on the Drone Deploy app. However, If i am flying my Skydio 2 with 3D Scan, which is on the Skydio App, I will want to fly the Skydio App for autonomous 2D and 3D flight and upload the images to Drone Deploy for processing. Skydio 2 Enterprise is available as an application in either IOS or Android. Seems you will loose the ability to upload images directly from the drone to Skydio and no flight record will be created since you are using the Skydio app and not Drone Deploy for your mission. by adding skydio cloud you regain flight information on your drone and the ability to download via usb connection directly to Skydio. Along with third party apps that are attached on their API. Still, If i want Drone Deploy enterprise capabilities I will need to purchase their enterprise product.


You are either flying with the Skydio app or Drone Deploy app. For autonomous flight i would fly on the Skydio app, assuming you have 2d and 3d scan autonomous flight with skydio. You can download your models to Drone Deploy from the SD Card. As far as I understand it.


I have a Skydio 2 and it is per Drone Deploy compatible. I have an android tablet and have not had any luck trying to get them to connect. I’ve tried everything including force stop Skydio app when connecting, but it will not recognize my Skydio. It even says to hit the blue save button in the lower corner after setting up a new mapping mission, but there is no blue save button. The button on the bottom right corner says drone connect, but it isn’t highlighted. The only way on can get it highlight is to run a simulation drone flight. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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We are considering whether to buy Android tablets instead of iPads, but I am a little hesitant since so many people have had problems when using DD with Androids. Any thoughts that might be helpful?

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