Skydio 2 took way more photos than the mission indicated

I flew my first DD mission yesterday with my new Skydio 2. The mission plan called for a 14 minute flight and 232 photos.

I started my drone, ran the mission from within DroneDeploy, and off it went!

When I got home I found 1400+ images on the drone. It started taking pictures at launch, so there are a lot of photos from that point to the mission start point, and back again. I expected it would start shooting once it got to the start point.

Maybe I did something wrong. My model did not render even after I threw away a few hundred photos of the approach and landing that were not part of the model. Any thoughts?


Hello Jthorstad, can you share how your Skydio 2 perform? Battery life, Pilot tasks flying verse / while capturing Clients needs? Any expectations not met or limitations you experienced?
If you can, please share any aspects of the experience you find relevant or enlightening.

Thank you in advance,