Skydio 2 landing on Skydio case speed

My Skydio 2 drone vertiacal landing speed is way too fast when it’s 20ft above Skydio landing case. Because it’s usually 5ft off horizontally and I have to nudge it to try to move it straight above the case so that it can recognize the symbol on the case and land on it, but when I push the stick on the controller too long, the drone stops descending and hovers. Then I tap on the landing button on my screen, then the drone goes back to 40ft AGL and starts to descend again to try to land. I want the speed of my Skydio 2 to be a lot slower (like 3mph) when it’s within 20ft of the case and allow me to nudge it over if needed to that would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure other Skydio users have the same experience. My mapping speed missions I adjust to less than 20mph.

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