Skydio 2 Flights

Has anyone been able to fly a mission yet with a Skydio 2 ? Our company likes the idea of US made and these appear to be a possible option. I’d like some feed back or to potentially see some finished products if anyone has them. Any help or updates would be appreciated.


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I did. It did pretty good.
New to DroneDeploy… Couldn’t find any other automated flight GCS for Skydio2.
I just surveyed a golf course hole, but the survey includes a couple of houses and trees.

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I have flown a couple of fields for row crop mapping. It’s not a polished experience yet. If you try to set the mission to higher than 320ft AGL it throws some error about settings in DJI GO. And the drone won’t fly at the full speed you set. It likes to slow down as it approaches each image capture point, then speed up again to get to the next spot. So the speed is constantly fluctuating from 14-18 mph. Nowhere close to the set 25mph. I couldn’t capture a whole 160 acre field on 3 batteries.