Skydio 2 error when starting mission

With the DD app running and connected to my Skydio2, I successfully pass the pre-flight checklist while in a hover but before the drone starts the mission, I receive the error ‘Plan upload failed: Skill “testing.main.Mapper” is not available (SkySdkError -1)’

Skydio2 App: 7.0.5
Skydio2 Drone: 5.41.77
DD app version mobile: 4.19.0
iphone8+: 14.0.1

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I think there were some earlier posts on connecting the Skydio 2. I don’t have one so I can’t offer much other help but we are in the process of looking at that as our next platform. Have you been able to do any flights with it yet? I’d like to see the responses as well so I know what I might be getting into.

Good Luck

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