Skydio 2 and Drone Deploy

I am new to this community however have owned and flown a DJI Spark for about 2 years. I have been told that I will be receiving a Skydio 2, controller, and Beacon sometime in the second quarter 2020. I always wanted the ability to fly waypoint missions with the Spark but the support was never really there. Now with the Skydio 2, that seems imminent through the use of a platform such as Drone Deploy. I am looking for discussion with anyone who has already implemented Drone Deploy on a Skydio 2 aircraft.

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The Skydio 2 partnership is really new and pretty exciting for certain applications, but from the specs I have seen it may not be the best mapping drone. It is certainly designed for tight constraints and interior use. Beyond that it should be any different on the DroneDeploy platform until they release features specifically for it. It was reported that we will have the ability to program for it so depending on your needs you may end up using DroneDeploy for processing, analyzing and sharing.