Skips last half of last row of a battery

Summary of Issue:


  • multi battery mission, with long rows
  • unplanned/realtime midpoints insert by app during the flight when the drone reaches a new waypoint
  • battery reaches low-limit near the midpoint

The drone flies out to the “next” row and not to the last half of the incomplete row it was working on

Note this is different from, but could be related to, the problem I’ve previously reported where the drone flies back out to the very beginning of the last row it was working on and refills the entire row.

Date Issue Began:


Drone Model:

Phantom 4 Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version:

iPhone 7plus, 11.2.(6?)

DroneDeploy App Version:


The app is designed to have the drone pick up from the last waypoint it passed when it returns for battery change. It will not return to a point between waypoints. It is best to manually hit the RTH button in the app when the battery gets below 30% and just after it passes a waypoint near you.

Right, but this is different. I’m saying that the drone did NOT pickup from the last midpoint it passed, and instead, went on to fly the next row.

In other words, there was a row section that was NOT flown at all. This skipped row section begins at the point in the row where the drone returned home for a battery change.

Another weird symptom to report is that when the drone flies out to this next row, it flies the next row in the “same direction” as the previous row. In other words, not only does it skip the part of the previous row, it ALSO skips over the little cross-over piece that connect the two rows, and does not even fly the next row in the “reverse” direction. Not that this symptom is really a problem, I just thought I’d point it out in case it helps us figure out the problem with the skipped row.

Regarding “midpoints”, … maybe I should call them “next-points”.

These next-points may be irrelevant to the issue, but the next-points are the highlighted dots that appear farther down the row ahead of a waypoint right when the drone passes the waypoint. On a normal row, these next-points normally light up at the end of the new row. But, on long rows, these next-points appear half-way down the row.


One of my missions did this last week.

I understand DD is programmed to restart the last incomplete waypoint line before it RTH so at the end of a long long line, just after turning the corner and the next waypoint appears in the distance, I hit the RTH button on the controller and the drone returns to me to have its battery changed.

What I hadn’t appreciated until I came to upload the images, was that that same line was missing from the ‘blue dot location grid’. I thought it must be an error, so cancelled and selected the images again but got the same results.

I’ve thought about this a bit over the past few days. I wondered at first if I should next time abort whilst the drone is on its turn, before the next distant waypoint appears, and secondly, what if next time I aborted and used the app’s on-screen red RTH button? Maybe one or the other will work but either way it’s disappointing.

Currently using Android but should be moving to the Dark Side next week.

All the points are waypoints, but I get what you are saying with the wapoint being in the middle of the flight plan. It may be a pain, but next time keep up with what number of waypoint you are on an make sure that when you swap batteries to hit advanced before continuing the mission. If for some reason it is trying to start at the next waypoint instead of going back that would be a bug to isolate on.