Skipping preflight camera check for mapping

Hello. I have attached a Parrott Sequoia to a DJI Inspire 2 for the purpose of multispectral mapping. The drone does not communicate with the camera, pictures are triggered in another way. When I try to fly a mission over a crop field with this set up, since the drone does not detect a camera, it fails the “camera” preflight check. Is there a way to fly a mapping mission in DD by bypassing the camera check? Thanks

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In preferences, toggle - “Use 3rd party camera” ON. Then it should skip camera checks and continue the mission.



Thanks! How I go about planning the flight path when using a third party camera? For example, I would like 75% overlap with the parrott sequoia but it is not listed under the planning cameras.


Unfortunately it’s a ratio of another camera. If you have the FOV for your camera, you could do the trig calcs to convert a Mavic 2 pro camera.

E.g. Sequoia has approx 60 deg FOV vs 83 for Mavic 2 pro. That equates to about 70% of the ground width.

If you set 75% on Mavic 2 pro, sidelap would be 65% (divide the non overlapped portion by 70%)

Conversely, to get 75 sidelap, you want to find the ratio of horizontal width on the ground, and multiply that by the non overlapped portion to find the equivalent overlap required.

25% *tan30/tan40 = 17.5 %

100-17.5 = set 82.5% sidelap with Mavic 2 pro camera to get 75% with sequoia.

Hope that helps.

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