Sketchfab, orientation and ownership

I have a “Pro” membership in Sketchfab. My DroneDeploy models when exported to Sketchfab are no longer my models but are “owned” of DroneDeploy and so I have no access to editing. I need to adjust the orientation and add annotations to these models. How can I regain ownership to these models?







Thanks in advance,
Max Marcus

Hi Max,

Sorry about the weird orientation and background for some of your models; I fixed them up for you so they should look like the others now (horizontally oriented with a black background). We should be doing this automatically for all models going forwards, but please get in touch if you see this happening again (if you reach out to we can get it fixed for you right away).

If you want more control over the models, you can export the 3d model from the DD data page (this exports it as a zipfile containing a .obj with several .jpg texture files), then you can re-upload the zip to your own sketchfab account and edit / annotate etc.

Hope that helps - please let us know if you have any more issues / questions.


Thanks Jeremy!

It worked like a charm. Now I have my first “official” model up and running:

Complete with annotations.

Thanks again,