Sites and Team Permissions

I know you all are working on it, but we are anxious to get the site folder navigation as soon as possible. I now have 7 teams and over 30 people that are looking for data from my missions. I have over 130 completions in the navigation panel. The last look of it I saw was ready. It’s time.


I’m just adding my two cents here… But why the hell wasn’t this basic feature added when the app rolled out? I’m no where near having the amount of maps chascoadmin must have but I get very frustrated trying to find the map I need.
You guys claim DD is an enterprise-level tool but its NOT. Hell, it’s so buggy its barely a beta.
How about making DD free until you fix these basic issues?


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@DRC Thanks for adding your vote. Like I said, I know they are very close so we won’t have to deal with it much longer. :slight_smile: In the meantime I have become very good at using the search bar. Your scenario may be different, but I index our jobs according to our internal job number first thing in the name so it is pretty easy to jump to them. Where the trouble starts to come in now is when I share the maps to our teams and each team may be handling several jobs that get all jumbled together. Besides site folders I definitely want a “Planned Missions” folder and an “Archived Projects” folder.