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Hi there guys and gals. I’m rather new to this forum, so please do excuse me if the question that I ask has already been asked or dealt with. I have been asked by a surveyor to do a survey of a large field, however, the field has potentially got knee high grass/scrub on it. When the surveyor does a traditional survey, they obviously take the readings from “ground” level with their equipment. Am I right in saying that photogrammetry will more than likely capture the surface area/detail of the elevated surface (i.e. top of scrub/grass)? If this is the case, for me to get an accurate “ground level” survey would it help to use GCP’s at ground level? Any advice or tips for me, on how to get accurate data for this type of scenario, would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.



The problem is the RGB camera takes what it sees and we analyze what it provides us, so the computer would likely be analyzing the grass and not the ground. Your GCP’s would give you the ground levels at the points of the GCP’s, but your elevations of the rest of the area would likely be indicating the grass level.


Hi Gary,

thank you for your reply. This is exactly what my thoughts were. Is there a workaround that you might know of, or how would you go about doing something like this? Kind of defeats the object of being able to assist surveyors to help them cut down on their survey times!!?


Short of going to a LiDAR based solution, they only thing that I can think of is to mow the grass short if that’s a reasonable option.


Ok thanks guys for the useful information, its very much appreciated. Lidar - too expensive for me, and I am definitely not pushing a lawnmower around 21Hectares (ha ha ha).


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