Single path for pipe line works possible?

I need to plan a fly where my client only need a corridor or buffer area of 40 m wide.
I wondering if I can plan a single flight plan with 85% front overlapp? Why DD always draw an area?
Is there any possibility to see or measure the length of the path during the mission planning?
Why I cant not change the wind speed during the mission planning?
Thanks in advance!

It is very difficult to stitch a map that only has 1 line, 2-3 is ideal. 1 line won’t give enough information to make a georeferenced map.

What do you want to change about the wind speed? I’m not sure how you would go about changing the wind.

Try with the Linear Mapping App from the App Store, draw your polygon and set the setting as you need, no matter the flight direction, then start the Linear Mapping tool and set the flight paths to 3 or 5, the ideal setting is to have 3 linear paths at least, ensure your central path is above the main path to map. Good Luck!