Simulated flight takes more pictures than real flight

i have a mavic pro with android app, when i do simulated flight it takes 40 photos but in real flight it takes 6. repeated flights show the pictures are in same place within a few feet in real flight when i look at download of pictures.

also the picture counter in real flight shows it is not taking any photos but it is taking a few. the picture screen on right flashes a total of 6 times one for each photo actually taken. the picture counter in simulation shows 40 . only 5 acre area of flight.

Sorry to hear this. Quick question: did you format your SD card before starting the mission?

Well I went thru all of your and your site suggestions with my Mavic pro. The last set of photos 118 of them just came back and the results are unusable. I guess I just don’t get it, but the program doesn’t work for me.

@kslcuts what is wrong with your captured photos?

Regarding the simulator, you shouldn’t use that to estimate the amount of photos captured. It will not provide any useful information about actual flight time, photos taken, etc.

ok but redoing flight still resulted in an unusable image. i dont understand how all the images end up almost on top of each other when i get it back from processing. i get maybe 1/3 of the area i flew. the picture counter still shows 0 , even though it took 118 pictures for 60 acers

So you’re saying the drone flies the entire area, seems to be taking pictures, but all the picture are of roughly the same area?

sort of , it shows on the map that the pictures are spread out but when i get it back from processing the are all pushed together to about 1/3 of the area.

Ah, so are the images of different things? When you upload them to DD and are processed they get pushed together?

right, that is what it seems to do.

Hey, just took a look at your map with 118 images; in terms of getting a better result from the map processing, I’d suggest using higher frontlap and sidelap values (maybe bump to 80/80) and flying higher as well. Both of these things will help mapping a forested area (which is generally harder to stitch together than other scenes).

I’m not sure what you mean by the pictures being spread out on the map before processing but reduced in size afterwards - maybe you could pm me a couple of screenshots?

Hope that helps,


ok great, i appreciate your help i will do 80/80 and resend. what i mean about being spread out is be for i send for processing it shows the area i flew and where the photos were taken. also does it help or hurt if i fly at 0 degrees then at 90 degrees and submit both for one processing to give more over lap.