Simple way to share 3D model with client?

There are plenty of ways to view DD’s 3D files. I like Mesh Maker.

I’ve yet to find a VERY simple way for a client to view the 3D files, whether an App or online solution.

What may be easy for us is not always easy for a client.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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What plan are you on? Are you not able to share the View-Only link?

Thanks. I’m off the plan at the moment, partially because of this issue. Let me revisit view only.


Hi there,
What I’ve found as the easiest and quite reliable method is an online platform called “”

You can register a premium account, which is only $6 a month and it hosts your 3d meshes and lets you export or iframe embed a 3d player with the 3d object.

You can check this model, as an example of what I mean (have patience with the load time - the model is quite big…)

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I’ll check it out.