Side-by-Side app improvement

I am a big fan of the side-by-side app! Pretty amazing to compare changes within fields throughout the growing season and see how certain areas decline or recover over time.

I currently fly with a standard Phantom 3 Advanced and just use your built-in plant health button to assess that aspect of my fields. I might upgrade to a multi-spectral system to capture true NDVI later, but your system seems to be adequate for my needs at the present.

The side-by-side app extension only allows me to compare the ortho in the original base imagery (in my case normal RGB) to another one from the same area. What would be helpful is if we could select what image we want within each side of the side-by-side. For instance, I would like to compare the RGB with the Plant Health image. I can toggle between them using the buttons but the slider method used in the side-by-side app is much cleaner for comparing.

And I would also like to be able to compare Plant Health images from different dates in the side-by-side app.

I’m sure its not as simple of a request as I’m making it sound. Just thought I’d throw it out for future builds. Keep up the great work!