Shut down app

After I have completed the mission I cannot find a way to shut off the app. I have been going to my android home page then use an app killer.

Is there something missing? Like Exit or Stop.

Like a large number of apps on Android or iOS you have to open window preview and swipe to close it. Some versions of Android allow you to close all windows at once which I wish iOS had.

I literally don’t have any other android app that needs this method for closing it. Dronedeploy is the only exception. Even DJI Go app can be exited simply by double-pressing the back button.
Why can’t the dronedeploy team make such a basic “feature”. I have enough sync troubles as it is.

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Sorry, we should’ve closed this thread. It was literally two years ago and for android versions ago. The fact still remains that if you do not close the apps via the recommended method that they are still running in the background. Because DroneDeploy maintains a connection to an external device and GPS at all times it can still be susceptible to this behavior even though it hasn’t been reported in quite a while. If you are still experiencing this behavior contact support. This thread will now be closed, but you are welcome to open a new one.