Shp. file not in the right location

Hi guys,

I have a project that i need to uplaod a shp file to the projects files.
the problem is that the shp file appears in the worng loction -
the shp itself i converted from israel ITM to WGS 84 in the ARCGIS software.
here is the mark (in yellow) in the DD - clearly not in place
I downloaded the ortho(in wgs84) and put it in the ARCGIS - in the ARCGIS all the data is in the right place!!

(you van see also the mark from the DD in the ortho in black - not in the right location)

How do i fix this?!

It sounds like the transformation that ArcGIS performed was not correct.

What EPSG for WGS84 did you use?

Is your ITM true grid or localized surface coordinates?

Maybe try bringing your SHP and DD’s ortho into another software like QGIS to see where they land with their transformation…