Shift in Orthomosaic image

My Mavic Pro got series of images for a flight plan designed my drone deploy App and uploaded to drone deploy and generated an Orthomosaic image. But there was around 4 km vertical shift in the image. Kindly let me know the reasons for that.

4km or 4m? 4m would be expected without GCP’s. 4km might mean you need to check the coordinates your drone is geotagging. Can you try to create a polygon in Google Earth and import that into a flight plan? Also, can you cross-reference the Google Earth Lat/Lon with the DroneDeploy map using the Location annotation?

4km, coordinates systems are same. Shape file is using WGS1984 UTM Zone 44N and the drone deploy generated raster is having WGS1984 Pseudo Mercator.

What I did was I converted the shape file to KML and then upload to drone deploy and did the mapping and upload to drone deploy and generated the raster.

I will try to create a KML using google earth and do a trail for some other area. Because the area what I was mapped is far away and difficult to re do the mission.

This might happen due to coordinate system mismatch. Please import your mosaic tif file into google earth. You can see the overlay issue there. see the above image I have done

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