Sharing of data in the field when offline

We are planing to use drones in the quest of humanitarian demining. Drones have a promissing application. We would like to combine the features from drone deploy with a offline map data collection tool DEDUCT Demining from Because we often work in remote areas with no or unstable internet I wanted to know if two apps either on the same device or even better on two different devices can interchange data trough either the one or the other integration (app on the dronedploy platform or the public api). Is it possible to connect via bluetooth or wifi (without internet/cloud)?
The first integration could just be a simple exchange of a KML file to define where to fly (DEDUCT to DroneDeploy) and a footprint image back for further annotation and combinations with other layers.
Hope you can point me in the right direction?
Best Regards

Hey Boris, thanks for your interest in the App Market! So for offline capability I don’t believe this will work. You’d have to have internet connection for DroneDeploy to speak with any other app.

Have you thought about using Agisoft Photoscan for processing your data offline? That may be your best option.