Sharing maps with no options

Is there a way to share a map with a non-Drone Deploy user, but hide the menu bar on the left?

Basically, I want to send them a link to see only the Ortho map. Other than zoom in/out, have no other options (hide/remove the left side menu).

Thanks so much for any advice!

  • Steve

You could export the ortho and then email it to them.

That’s what I’ve done, but some maps can be quite large. Some of my less tech savvy users would appreciate a web page where they could easily view and zoom the image, and having the menu and sign in options tend to cause confusion/questions.

I could always take the downloaded map and use some 3rd party web tools, but it would be nice if there was an option right in DroneDeploy.

Hi @fliteEYES,

I suggest taking a look at the Give Clients View-only Map Access to Clients That Don’t Have a DroneDeploy Account section in our Product Release Wrap-up July 2017 blog. The dashboard and panel can’t be removed, unfortunately.


This sux in that it will not work with Internet Explorer. I feel sure some clients use IE.