Sharing externaly

What do ‘external’ people without a DD account see, if I share a link with them?

Can they switch between Ortho, DSM and 3D Model and can they use the export function?



With that link they will see “You are not authorized to view this data”
Will it possible to share map/image publicly using Share in the menu

If you share a link from the URL bar they won’t be able to see anything. If you publicly share it they will only see the map later you are sharing and cannot change it. If you share privately the other user needs to sign up with a username and password and can view the map almost the same as you except they can’t re share it.

The private sharing (“With another user”) will let them see the same views you can see in your account (all of the layers, and include the base layer), and will add it to their dashboard. They won’t be able to edit the names, or delete the map though.

It’s a good question though - I’ll update the documentation to explain this process, as we haven’t done a great job of that so far.

I, too would like to share without the end user needing an account.
I don’t get the various share options as shown in this post.
Then again, I do not have a paid subscription to Drone Deploy yet.
Are those options only for subscribers? That would make sense.
We’re still evaluating several software platforms and I’m liking Drone Deploy more and more with each use.

Public sharing lets anyone see only the layer you shared without needing an account or logging in.

Private sharing is how you can have fine-grained access to who can view all of your layers and create annotations etc. They need an account to ensure access control and data privacy, but this can be a free account.

I’m still waiting in Free mode. I’d like to share with possible investors without them needing an account. I don’t see how I can change sharing options. On the website I just have a ‘share’ link.

I have no data in the app.

I have performed 4 studies so far, is there a limit?

There is not limit, and you should be able to share. Please follow the instructions here:

I sent the link to another computer that is not logged into drone deploy. When I click the link I get the logon screen in the attached picture…this is not convenient for my customers…sending one screen at a time is not sufficient either…Can I create a separate login for my customer?

Is this using there public share link or private share?

Hi @Vrntch - you’ll see at the bottom a link which says:

“Not to worry - you can sign up for a free account to view shared data here”

If they click the here link, they’ll be able to view the shared data.


Using the public share link, is it possible for the visitor to see the orthoimage overlaid on the basemap? I have only been able to see the orthoimage itself without the basemap/satellite layer underneath.


Hi, I don’t got the “Not to worry - you can sign up for a free account to view shared data here”. It’s just tell me to login or to create a new account.

When I use this option, I didn’t get the not to worry…

This may have changed since Jono’s post a month ago. Our external sharing options will have more options going forward (we’re beginning to work on them within the next couple of weeks). Thanks for your patience in the meanwhile.

There are several annotation features that used to work, but I don’t see them now:

  • The “Title” entered for an annotation feature is no longer visible in the shared map.

  • The “Description” label shows up, even when there are no comments entered.

  • It appears to no longer be possible to attach a picture to an annotation feature.

I am currently creating a demo map for an event this coming Tuesday. Any chance that any of those features are being worked on and might be ready by then?

Hi @Maakusi - they won’t be ready by Tuesday, unfortunately, but are upcoming features. Thanks for your patience.


There’s one more thing I’ve noticed in the process … the different vegetative index calculations don’t seem to change anything anymore. You might want to check that out as well. None of these dropdowns or sliders result in any change in the Plant Health map.

Can I export the map in the resolution I’ve paid for?
15/5/2/1 cm per pixel?
Can the customer use the map with the higher resolution
even if the monthly plan will be expired?

Hi @pegasdimok - yes, your account can export data at the resolution associated with your plan. However, if your account is not active, paid features will be disabled on the account. Please see here for more details :