Sharing A Mission

I see a way to share a map, but no way to share a mission. What if I want to share a mission so someone can see the parameters I’m using for a mission?

Hi @consultant

Sharing a flight plan works similarly to sharing a map. One option is clicking the 3 dots in the list view, and the second option is to click the map and click ‘share’ at the top.

You’ll want to choose ‘Invite an Editor’



These reason I asked such a basic question is the share option is missing on the map screen but it is showing when clicking the three dots in the list view.


I would check to see if that’s the case for all flight plans or just that one. You might try logging out, and making sure you’re using Chrome or Firefox fully updated with no ad blockers, pop up blockers, or extensions. You might also try clearing your cache.

Luckily, you can still share using the 3 dotted menu.

You can try emailing support, but we typically only handle bugs for subscribed users.