Set "Return to RC" or hover rather than take-off point as end position

Think this may have been mentioned in another post but anyway. It would be great to be able to set the landing point of drone as the current RC position (as you can do In DJI Go). Either that or be able to set a different landing position manually or hover.
I find myself flying long thin road corridors- and as such I either set up missions to fly up and down long-ways…

or cross- ways…

Long- ways is definately more efficient as drone is not stopping and turning as much- however I find that if flight takes longer than predicted (eg if windy) the drone will terminate the mission- rather than trying to get to next waypoint and return to home (usually when its as far away from home as possible!). There is a lot of battery wastage in just flying back - which could have been used in taking more photos and landing somewhere else.

With cross- ways flights the waypoints are closer so I find drone behaviour is a bit more predictable as far as when it decides to RTH- however there is still a lot of battery wastage in returning to start point.
As a workaround I can follow drone with this method and switch to manual when it has run out of batteries and bring it down - however it would be nice to have this as an option built-in- maybe the option to just hover at battery warning stage and land at critical stage so we can make sure we are in position to bring drone down in a safe spot.

Interesting thought, and great to hear the practical experience.

I also just bring down the drone manually when I move, but would be nice to update the home location as suggested.

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