Sequoia, new sensor

new micasense camera > sequoia… will Drondeploy work with that camera/sensor ? If so , is there any thing the user needs to adress, change or otherwise know ?

This sensor looks ideal for NDVI mapping, so would also be interested if DroneDeploy will work with this sensor.

I plan on getting the Sequoia as well so interested in a response.

delivery shoved to out mid/late May 2016… so Ill have beans, corn , and maybe some wheat to report on.
will post images andndvi workups when ever I get it… FaceBook > mike sharp > dronedeploy group.

This thing will have 5 times the images… will prolly have to scale down the flight to less than 995 images, unless DD makes a change.Not shure how this is gona work… anyway got a notice> lat May delivery now.

Anyone else go a Sequoia. Just finished up the mounting. Hoping to get some good comparison images once the new DD bug has been sorted out. image

Not sure which bugs you mean, but the updated apps for android and ios are in the stores as of this morning.

Hey rolfwoodies,

We are looking to incorporate the new Sequoia system into our Inspire as well. Can you give a little insight as to how you mounted yours and are you just capturing images on an interval or have you linked it to DD somehow?



Well it has taken some sideways thinking to get it to mount on Inspire 1. I have built a custom stabiliser that is attached to the back of the Inspire. The great thing is one screw and I can remove the whole rig and I’m back to standard. The Battery was also an issue, as I needed it to be light but high enough amps to run the camera. That is carried on a dual battery side sling that I found from people who like to mod their inspire batteries.

The actual camera operation you have to connect to its own wifi with another tablet then set it up. When you are ready I activate the camera, hold the drone over a reflectant panel, then fly the missing. The minute it lands, I then hold it over the reflectant panel again before stopping the camera.

You can set the camera to activate at a specific GPS coordinates, but I haven’t tried this yet. Strange thing is they don’t have an option to activate at a set altitude! I do find the status lights are really hard to see on the unit, so best to check through the tablet what the camera is doing. The other issue is that as it flys away from you, you loose the wifi connection from the camera, so you cannot monitor in flight. Still a lot of experimenting to do. Just flow one of my clients golf course today, so will be a good test of the camera and the process I have come up with. Managed to capture 5000 images, so should be pretty detailed. :grinning:

Thanks for the info! Could you send over a closer pic of the mount for reference? Thanks! Interested to hear how the run went.

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Here’s a mount I did for the rededge. It could easily be adapted for the sequoia (I wanted the sequoia actually, but the delays were making it untenable for my work).


I used a 2s li-ion battery I made from panasonic 18650pf cells, along with a 5v step down, to power it.

The one annoying thing I’m finding with the DD app now is that, I distinctly remember being able to manually set the speed of the craft when flying the mission; now I can’t. I’m about to do a run or 2 to figure out the overlap required (I think it will be 90% for the sidelap, at least with the napkin math I did using pix4d’s excel sheet for coverage)

Hi Guys,

My Sequoia just arrived today, I made a mount for the inspire also, pictures and stuff here:

Hopefully Drone Deploy gives us the option to set speed and flight line distance or at least the ability to see the values as we adjust the front and side lap percentage sliders - all this math is making my head hurt!

Anyway, has anyone made a table chart of what the speed is for the inspire at given frontlap percentages and altitudes? For now I will just run 90% sidelap to make sure it is covered but forward speed would be nice to know.

Hey Captain_Salty,

We are using the Sequoia with our Inspire and are getting good results. For now, we are using the Maps Made Easy app since it lets us set max speed. As far as settings go, just go into the web app for the Sequoia and run it under the GPS module. This triggers the camera based on gps location and has a calculator next to the entry field that easily configures it for you. Just click on the calculator icon and enter your altitude and desired overlap and it will tell you the distance needed between captures.

I agree, I hope DD updates their app to allow us to set speed, I prefer their app over Maps Made Easy but for now…thats the only one available (that I know of) that allows for speed manipulation.

Hope this helps,

  • Mike