Separate layers for each individual annotation

Sometimes I want to see my map with only with certain annotations visible; not all my markups, all at once. Sometimes I use a color code to group similar items, but I would like separate visibility switches on each notation to hide/show each layer/notation. Maybe even have the option to group/organize notation layers?

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Those are good ideas.
I am sure that is somewhere in the works downstream. Not there yet on that matter.

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I would appreciate the same function. We are a groundworker company and need to measure and separate the general excavation, road excavation and filling, Surface/Storm Water system, Foul Water System, Watermain lines, Electrical line trenching, and Communication lines, with some other speciality lines as well.

When I want to display a months worth of work for a payment claim to a client, the amount of information on one display is overwhelming and over lapping. I would appreciate a Layers function that would be able to group Overlays and annotations relating to the same contract task.



Revived, thank you! We can already import shape files for surfaces but not the linework. If they could get that or even better a DXF import the layering and coloring would be easy to maintain.

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