Sentera Sensors

I wanted to see if anyone has used the Sentera sensors and if so how are they working for you. Looking at the way they mount it concerns me that it is not gimbal corrected. I am looking at getting a NIR camera and want to make sure that the image quality is good. Thank you.

gimbal is not necessarily important, as long as your camera is pointing down and you are not flying like a madman. As far as the sensor, I can’t offer any advice as I have never used one.

I have a single sensor NDVI.

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How do you like the images and would you be willing to share one with me? Thank you.

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Thus far I don’t like The images as they don’t match to ground truthing. Yes I will show you some examples what is your email?

Could you also please share with I am just waiting on my Phantom to come back with a Sentera sensor added so interested to see what you are getting from yours.

hi Robbie Weathers, i have the SENTERA SINGLE SENSOR i like to know if you have it too? i like to share what i been doing with the sensor.

No I did not get one. How do you like yours. Thank you.

well to be honest, im pretty new with the sensor, so im tryin to understand how does it work.