Selecting a map causes DroneDeploy website to crash

I have a project with multiple maps that have been taken over a period of weeks. On one of the dates, there are two maps (“1 of 1” & “1 of 2”). When map “1 of 1” is selected the website crashes and I get an error page saying “Lost in the Clouds - Sorry the page may have been removed”

Is there anyway to remove the problem date, so it doesn’t get selected? It is really annoying as the website crashes when using the arrows to move between dates.

Drone Deploy

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We have been having an issue with Lost in the Clouds on email notifications. I wonder if it’s related. @Lindsey_Huffman

I ended up finding a workaround to the issue. I started a new project and moved all of the working maps into that project and everything is now working.

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