Selecting a iPad for use when mapping multiple large fields

Anyone have a recommendation on what size / model of iPad should be used to monitor DD when mapping multiple large fields. I have a older iPad mini with 64GB of memory. When loading 6 - 8 large fields for off line use and running large fields I seem to be having memory issues. Of the 64GB about 35GB is available. Most of the time I am not within range of the cell network so no internet.

Symptoms include slow loading of plans, DD not sequencing to the fly screen, or application hangs. Sometimes the application with close in the middle of a flight but can be reopened and operation seems to continue on with out error.

I usually end up shutting down the iPad and restarting it, then opening DD and resuming operations.

Any direction on this would be welcomed.

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I used to use an old iPad mini and it just wasn’t powerful enough to keep up with the newer high powered software. It would crash, shutdown and overheat or be slow.

I bought a 64GB iPad Air 2 cellular and have flown over 200 flights with it and it’s worked great.

Thanks Gary for sharing. I will upgrade my iPad as the symptoms you describe is actually what I have been experiencing.

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Get the best you can so it won’t become outdated to quickly. I have an Ipad mini 4 and a Ipad Pro 9.7 and use drone deploy regularly. They both work great. I wouldn’t recommend any android.


Hello guys. We flow a large area this week. P3A with ipad mini 2. The first day it was ok, on the second day it become very unstable. Every time a mission start the drone started to take pictures but the simbol of the drone on the screen was freeze during a time and then jump to the real position, telemetry was working ok as distance and pictures count was changing as expected.
Later hte situation became even worse, the app just stop and shout down when the drone was flying, then I open the app again but the camera star to take pictures looking front, not down.
For your information it was not a hot day, the ipad was not hot at all and after a few flights I turn off the device to clear memory.

Hi All,

Thanks to all that shared their thoughts on this. I got a new iPad mini pro with 512GB of memory and have been flying it now for almost one month. No issues with the problems earlier (camera problems, launch problems, tracking problems etc.). I guess one way out is to buy yourself out of the trouble with a new iPad.


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Glad to hear your issues are resolved @dm21225!