Select & unselect annotations by categories

I have a lot of annotations to manage and move around (locations, points, areas, etc). Suggest to add a option to select or unselect the annotations based on categories. For example u can select or unselect locations only to copy. Or the feature is already available please let me know. Thanks.

If by category you mean description then you can use the search & filter to isolate them by your description and/or the type of annotation but I am guessing you will see the same thing the rest of us do with the inability to mass freeze and thaw using the master checkbox. It doesn’t affect the checkbox of each line item. It just turns everything on and off. We need it to turn off the checkboxes on the items so that we can individually turn them back on.

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I would suggest beeing able to create our own “Category” of annotations or “group” of annotations? That would make a lot of sense if we are trying to annotate different things for different projects but still with the same tools (elevation, volume etc" in each one of these groups.