Select Portions of Map to Export

It would be nice to have the ability to only export a certain portion of the map. Sometimes with larger maps, I cannot process the full pixel amount because the file is “too large.” Most of the time, I only need a small portion of the map. If I was able to select the area with a box then export only that, I would be able to get the full pixel amount.

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You can do this in QGIS once you have downloaded the ortho.

  1. Open the ortho with QGIS Desktop
  2. Right-Click on it on the bottom left in the Layers pane and choose Export
  3. You can can choose the extents you want to export by positioning the subject area to fill the window
  4. There is a command in that section that you can add to get a TFW (world file) if needed
  5. Choose your resolution and click Ok

QGIS Export Smaller Map Area

If you just need a non-georeferenced map (image) then you go through Project>Export.

Thank you for the response.

This doesn’t quite solve the issue. I know I can get a portion of the map as needed by using QGIS or Civil 3D, but I cannot even export the map in the resolution I want (0.6px) because it is too large. So I still have to export in a lower quality, then choose my extents in the other programs.

The issue is on DroneDeploys side. I would like the ability to select a small portion of the map and export at the most megapixels possible.

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Have you tried exporting in tiles?

You can do this by temporarily cropping the processed image.

Having entered the project, halfway down on the left is a tab called ‘Map Details’. Click this.

Half way down again, is a button to Crop. This will temporarily reduce the size of the map on the screen (pulling in the grips) and will be the extent of the Export when you need a higher resolution.

Quite often I can’t export at neither the native res. or 2cm, leaving me with a rubbish 5cm. I crop the image and export at native or 2cm. i then expand the grips or move the crop around to export the next section at the better resolution.


@jcadwallader, how large is the full map and how much are you trying to export?

Great idea. I think this is the best workaround to get this done.

I appreciate the detailed response and visuals!

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See JamesC response. I think this is the best route to go at this point in time.

I’ll also look in to exporting the tiles.