Search & Rescue 1 time map

Would it be possible to have an expedited search & Rescue feature? I do not typically do mapping professionally. However, I have volunteered to help with Search & Rescue in White Sulphur Springs, WV. It would be really nice to be able to pay a small one time fee for just one HD map.

Hi @HeliosUAS, I will be sure to pass this to my team on your behalf.


I have never participated in a search and rescue mission.

But would it help, if we could filter for red, blue, yellow, purple, white objects?
Let’s assume the person we have to find was wearing a red jacket. Would it not be extremely helpful if we could filter for any red object and DD would localize all these objects withzin the 2D map?

That would be a great idea!

Thank you for this feedback! I will pass this to my team for consideration as well.