Sd card error

When i tried to go a mission on Drone deploy, the verificacion say “SD Card missing”. But i can fly without a SD card with anothers smarthphones. What could be the problem? I need a SD Card anyway to fly?

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Hi Joao

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The purpose of a DroneDeploy mission is to first provide for an automatic way of capturing photos, before then processing the images to produce a map or report etc.

DroneDeploy is pretty much worthless if you don’t allow the drone to capture images and for that, an SD card needs to be inserted.

Yes. But look, its strange because with anothers phones, i can fly without a SD Card. The same drone, same app, the error message dont appears. My question is why this happen? I have a Mavic Pro with 8gb of internal storage. The projects 3D works with another smarthphone, even with without SD Card

What device work and which one isn’t working?

My Phone is a Samsung J8, my friends phone is a Motorola and a Xiaomi. Both works without SD Card, the drone makes all the 3D, take all pictures. But when i trie with my phone, doesn’t work, appears the error.

Did it work in the past? The J8 is not an officially supported device.

It depends. When i put a SD Card, works, i tested yesterday, the check list run til the end and i was autorized to start the flight. But without the SD Card never worked. with the exception of other cell phones that works without the SD Card normally…

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I will try that in a little while on my next site.

If you have an answer why this happen, can you update me here in this forum? Thank you

For the minimal price of an SD card, is it worth just installing one?

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If you go through manual flight and manually takeoff with the sticks you can fly with FPV, but you will not be able to pass the checklist. I agree with James though why not just put a card in there even if it’s not a very good one.

Yeah! No problem to me put a ard into the dorne. I simply was in doubt why this was happening. Thanks guys

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