Scale on maps?

Hi guys, I’m about to map a few thousand acres but client wants to have the scale the maps will be in. If at 300 or 400ft what scale will this produce as they want maps printed of with scales on for ground teams. Is there a option to provide scale measurements through dronedeploy?

Hi @altitude58,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy forum. At the moment, we do not provide scale measurements on DroneDeploy.


This may help.
Once the map is processed, you can see the resolution that it was processed at by doing this below.
The scale can be set when you export the map and have a known distance. You can add it to the map using a photo software or QGIS (free) like in the third image shown.

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Great call @Gary. I use QGIS all the time. Not only can you set a scale bar, you can also set custom grid lines.