San Franciso - DroneDeploy Conference

I’ve been using DroneDeploy for a few months now. I will attending the conference the second week of October. Does anyone want to fly/share ideas that Tuesday before?

that’s a great idea! I will be coming in early Thursday and thought about bringing my drone, but do not know the San Francisco airspace and have heard that it is pretty tough to fly in. If someone from DroneDeploy can give us a good spot to fly I would be happy to get a group together. Unfortunately I’m coming from out of state so I won’t be able to get there earlier.

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This sounds great, @Michael_Burnside! I know a couple of folks fly around Golden Gate Park and certain parts of Treasure Island.

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I’ll touch base next week to make plans if anyone is interested. Thank you Michael and Christina for getting back!

I just booked my flight! I am coming in Thursday morning. I didn’t plan on bringing my drone though…maybe DJI should just ship us a few new Mavic 2’s to try out :slight_smile:


I’ll be arriving Tuesday so if you guys want to get together, it would be my pleasure.

Will anyone be interested in flying Wednesday?

Is this get together happening? Sounds like fun!

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John, Wednesday is wide open for me

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