Samsung Note 20 explore model

I cant explore 3D model in my Samsung Note 20 Ultra even when using the browser. It says I have to go to just like it says in the app.

The mobile devices do not have enough RAM to view the native 3D model. You can download it and put it into SketchFab, but that somewhat degrades the quality which is why it works on mobile. They have discussed having an option for a lower quality model that would be accessible.

But it was no problem to explore 3D model on my old Huawei P30 when I used the mobile Web browser.
Maybe it has better ram?

Hmmm, that would be the first time I have heard that it worked on a mobile device so not sure. I don’t think so though because the new Note has like 8 or 12GB of RAM right? I had a P30 and it had 6GB.

Is the Note on Android 10? Maybe try disabling the “Android System Webview” in app settings? I had to do this with my Pixel 3XL as soon as the early version of 10 came out to get many of my drone apps to work correctly. It seems like that got fixed a couple of updates ago though.