Same controllers for different uav?

Does anybody here know if the same controller for the Matrice 100 will work for a Phantom3?
Back story: we just bought the Matrice100 and the vendor let us ‘borrow’ the Phantom3 to practice on. There was no charger for the controller, though, and the charger that came with the Matrice won’t work.
The Phantom3 controller looks like a regular usb, but can it charge through a laptop port???
aarrggg - HELP!!__

Hi @northarrow, we do not expect that the controller for the Phantom 3 and m100 would work together/be bindable. Please consider and use safe practices both for yourself and others.

No, DJI controllers cannot charge through a laptop USB port.

A P3 controller will not work on an M600. For one thing the Lightbridge is different.

A better source for this info is on in the DJI threads.

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UPDATE: I left the controller plugged into the laptop last night and it did charge. Don’t ask me how or why, but it did…
It’s the Phantom3 Standard controller (with the slide power)