Sales not responding to emails - Would like to see sample DXF file

Sent an email on the 2nd of November and received a response, to which I replied with the information
Erin Nagle requested however after 3 follow up emails over a month there has been no response.

We have a client wishing to produce a contour dxf file on a test project. If this test project works we will be able to get a lot more survey work with them. Is it possible to organise a trail of a Business plan, as the usually trial doesn’t offer DXF files for some reason. So far we have tried Maps Made Easy and Propeller however their DXF files are not suitable. Pix4d produces a suitable result however I would prefer to use DroneDeploy if possible.

I will not be paying $399 just for a test project especially when you say you offer a trail of the business plan at " Can I trial the Business or Enterprise plans instead of the Pro plan? Please contact [] to inquire about testing the capabilities offered within the Business and Enterprise plans."

Hi @wat17

I’d like to apologize here - your ticket got lost in the shuffle. We pride ourselves in responding quickly to our customers and prospects needs, and Sales is taking a look at how we can firm up the holes in our workflow to make sure this does not happen again.

You can expect outreach very shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Ok thanks. 3 emails not responded in month is pretty disappointing. Firm up those holes!

For anyone who happens to be following this. Did receive a call and had a good chat to someone from DroneDeploy. They said they would set up the trial, however after 3 weeks never got back to me. Thanks anyway but had to use pix4d for this one.