Safe to use with latest P4P firmware?

So many 3rd party apps including Autopilot are recommending that the P4P should not be used running the just released DJI firmware (7th or 8th March 2017 roughly). Something to do with erratic flying behaviour.
Is Autopilot safe to use?

Hi everyone
I’m also curious to get an update on this. Firmware in question seems to be v01.03.0418.

If you don’t get an answer by Monday we will be checking in the office.

Any updates on this concern please?

I noticed that sUAS News had a YouTube post mentioning Drone Deploy’s apparent problem with the new DJI firmware. Hopefully, its worked out quickly.

Sorry for the late reply. There isn’t an issue with DD and latest firmware. Waypoint missions are fine.

The video posted was due to another android issue which should be resolved in latest android release.