Running DD with no camera and set drone speed

I currently run a matrice 100 and DD works great with it as long as I have a camera attached to it. But, I’m now running the matrice with a parrot sequoia camera. So DD won’t connect to the drone unless the DJI camera is attached. Also, I would like to control the speed of the drone since I’m using the sequoia camera. I’m using android.

  1. Start a flight without a camera
  2. Control the drone speed


hi @jdavie - it is not currently possible to use the DroneDeploy app without a camera- you can imagine that booting
your computer, and then pulling out a core component would quite likely introduce some instability into the system.

I think our customers who fly with multiple cameras do so by using the standard camera on the gimbal, plus the other cameras attached and triggered according to a time interval.

I do see your logic. But technically the camera isn’t a core component since the drone can be flown perfectly without the camera. I don’t want to run the drone with both cameras due to the weight and to save battery life.

I should have clarified- since our app is designed to capture imagery, we consider the camera a core component. I do know of a couple of customers who have rigged another camera to the M100 successfully but understand the hesitation as far as weight.

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