RTK/PPK checkpoint workflow

We have been using an RTK drone for the past couple of months and have found that the current gcp process does not quite work for this type of imagery. There are many occasions where we no longer want to process with ground control points but need to use checkpoints for data verification.

It would be best to have the ability to enter checkpoints and have them verified against the final surface without having to use any GCP’s.

Along with that I’m going to repeat the request to have markers available on the map automatically generated from the data that we input for GCP’s and checkpoints.


I just flew a site with an RTK drone and put in 2 checkpoints with no GCPs.
Are you saying you cant put in just check points? You can…

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I’ll have to try that again. Last time I did it that way there were no GCP’s recognized and it would not complete the process.